Vamos allá, in Campo Criptana

The house is located in a rural environment and shows a modern and contemporary design. Versatility is what defines Vamos allá as it is an accommodation that is adapted to the needs of the guest.

In terms of facilities, the house has a large living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a patio on the ground floor, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and four showers on the upper floor. It also has an outdoor barbecue terrace equipped with all kinds of utensils for any type of meal. In terms of technology, the house offers the most advanced in this regard, free Wifi, panoramic Smart TVs (in all rooms), USB connections for charging devices and mobile phones, integrated speakers, intelligent lighting, projector, automatic roller blinds and soundproofing, and a pay-TV service with the most popular channels of the moment, such as Netflix, Movistar +, and all the football.


Vamos allá will offer the traveler a Tablet. You can find what to visit in it, both in Campo de Criptana and in the surroundings with routes and tourist information, where to eat or get tapas, and information about the most outstanding bars and restaurants in the town or even where to order food and drink service from home.



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