Cultural Resources of the La Mancha Wine Route

Find out what to see and what to visit in each municipality of the La Mancha Wine Route

What to see in Campo de Criptana

Discover everything to see and do in Campo de Criptana. Visit its famous Windmills, stroll through the Albaicín neighbourhood and visit some of the existing cave houses. Lose yourself among its streets, small squares and plazas where you can relive the setting of the famous work by Miguel de Cervantes.

What to see in Alcazar de San Juan

Stroll through Alcázar de San Juan among the narrow streets of its historic center full of emblematic buildings and monuments and Cervantine and Quixotic corners. Immerse yourself in its history by visiting churches and convents as well as the memories of its railway past. Its natural spaces of great wealth and landscape, and biological variety will allow you to rest in an environment of great beauty.

What to see in Villarrobledo

Villarrobledo’s golden age was the 16th century, when its economic and social splendor resulted in architectural gems such as the current church of San Blas, several convents and even the Town Hall. Stroll through its wide streets and whitewashed walls in the style of other towns in La Mancha, characteristic of the winemaking industry that prevails in the area.

What to see in Socuéllamos

An open land, an inn of illustrious commanders, a cradle of hospitable and generous settlers, Socuéllamos allows you to lose yourself in its historic quarter, among the oldest buildings of the town.

What to see in El Toboso

Enjoy in El Toboso emblematic places related to Don Quixote and Dulcinea. Stroll through its streets and visit its museums. Immerse yourself in its rich culture and discover its rich heritage.

What to see in Tomelloso

Discover the history and culture of Tomelloso. Among its streets, you can discover the emblematic Posada de los Portales, the characteristic Chimneys that were part of alcohol cellars and visit one of the 4,000 caves that populate the subsoil of Tomelloso and that were built for the storage of wine.

What to see in Pedro Muñoz