Plans to enjoy wine and nature

Discover what to do to enjoy nature and wine tourism in La Mancha

Visit La Mancha Húmeda and discover some of the natural landscapes with the greatest ecological wealth in La Mancha. Combine it with other plans in the wineries of La Mancha.

Visit la Mancha Húmeda

and some of the most beautiful natural spaces of the La Mancha Wine Route

Enjoy plans in nature on the La Mancha Wine Route.


Campo de Criptana

Salicor Lagoon

Campo de Criptana

Lagoon Complex

Alcázar de San Juan

Roman bridge


Entre ZEPA y cepa, birds and wines

Ornithological wine tourism in La Mancha


Alcázar de San Juan

Oenological and gastronomic plans to do on the Wine Route

Below we propose some oenological and gastronomic activities to do in La Mancha. Visit its wine heritage and live this land to the fullest.

Bodega EHD


Patio del Vino

Event | September


Event | All year

Bodega Tinedo


Bodega VQ

El Toboso

Festivals and Events of the Wine Route

The municipalities of the La Mancha Wine Route celebrate different events that you can enjoy throughout the year.


April | Tomelloso

Jornadas Cervantinas

April | El Toboso

Harvest Festival

September | Socuéllamos

Cantos Mayos manchegos

April | El Toboso

Feria de Todos los Santos

March – April | Villarrobledo

Cruces de Mayo

April – May | Socuéllamos

Jornadas vino y bautismo Qervantino

November | Alcazar of San Juan

Semana Cervantina

April | Campo de Criptana

Gastronomy on the La Mancha Wine Route

We recommend some of the restaurants and wine bars where you can enjoy with your children some of the exquisite dishes of La Mancha gastronomy as well as other proposals that will delight the little ones.

Cueva La Martina

Campo de Criptana

Restaurante Bodega La Tercia

Alcázar de San Juan

Where to sleep on the La Mancha Wine Route

We recommend some of the accommodations where you can rest and relax.

Ínsula Barataria

Alcázar de San Juan

Touring the villages of La Mancha

Enjoy activities such as excursions, gastronomic activities and guided tours of La Mancha. In the list below you will find the tourist service companies that offer these activities.

Guided tour of the Quixote Route

Saber Sabor | Tomelloso

Visit to the DO La Mancha Interpretation Center

Don Quixote Tours | Alcazar de San Juan

See the Wineries of the La Mancha Wine Route

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