Rural House Casa de la Torre

Travelers through this Mancha of immense clarity, where the heart of Don Miguel de Cervantes still beats.

Rural House Casa de la Torre

The Casa de la Torre Rural House, located in El Toboso , is a typical house from the 17th century, restored respecting the primitive construction and decorated according to the styles of the time. All rooms at Casa La Torre have furniture from the 18th and 19th century and have a private bathroom.

The hallmarks of Casa de la Torre is to make the traveler return to the time of Don Quixote together with the comfort of modern times. The Hospedería also has a large library room with fireplace and TV, a furnished patio and a covered gallery-patio.

It has a restaurant with exclusive service for the clients of Casa la Torre where you can taste tasty dishes of the popular cuisine of La Mancha in perfect pairing with local wines. In addition, for those who want it, there are menus for vegetarians.




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