Discover the Festivals and Events of the La Mancha Wine Route

Tradition, art and culture make the festivals of La Mancha a meeting between the past and the present.

Get to know the traditional festivals of each municipality, the most relevant gastronomic and wine events of the La Mancha Wine Route.

Gastronomic events

TheLa Mancha Wine Route municipalities, celebrate different gastronomic events around wine and traditional La Mancha cuisine. Find out what they are and all the activities programmed in each of them.


September | Socuéllamos

Patio del Vino

September | Socuéllamos

Harvest Festival

September | Socuéllamos

Gastronomic day of Camacho’s Wedding Stew

November | Alcazar de San Juan


April | Tomelloso

Jornadas vino y bautismo Qervantino

November | Alcazar of San Juan

Fair of the Flavors of the Land of Quixote

April | Alcazar de San Juan

Festival and Tradition

Discover the most traditional festivals in La Mancha . You will be able to delve into the culture of the towns part of the La Mancha Wine Route. Its carnivals, the Semana Santa celebrations that many villages hold, and traditional festivities such as the pilgrimages of La Mancha, stand out.

Semana Santa

March – April | Campo de Criptana

Cruces de Mayo

April – May | Socuéllamos

Feria de todos los Santos

November | Socuéllamos


February | Tomelloso

Holy Week

March – April | Villarrobledo

Fair and Festivals

August | Villarrobledo


April | Tomelloso

Tomelloso Fair

August | Tomelloso


January | Villarrobledo


Enjoy the music events on the La Mancha Wine Route . Enjoy music in a unique environment, where the Criptana International Country Music Festival is held, or enjoy the tradition with the Cantos de Los Mayos from La Mancha in El Toboso.

Airen Fest

June – July | Campo de Criptana

Cantos Mayos Manchegos

April | El Toboso


Many are the events that are celebrated around Cervantes’ masterpiece, Don Quixote de Mancha. Learn more about this writer and his work with the cultural events that you can enjoy on the La Mancha Wine Route.

Cervantes Days

April | El Toboso

Semana Cervantina

April | Campo de Criptana

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