Cruces de Mayo in Socuéllamos

Cruces de Mayo

End of April to end of May | SOCUÉLLAMOS

The festive calendar begins on the evening of the eve of San Antón, with the “luminaries”, the Carnival arrives in Socuéllamos opening the great prelude to Lent and giving way to the Eastern, and after it the celebration of Las Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses).

The Cantos de Mayo a la Cruz y la Virgen have been celebrated in Socuéllamos for centuries. The start of the Mayos coincides with the May Day holidays, the perfect opportunity to organise an oenotourist trip to La Mancha.

The celebrations begin on the night of the 30th April, when the mayeros begin their procession from the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, where they perform the Mayo a la Virgen, through the city’s crosses. These have been previously prepared by local residents, associations and organisations, decorated with tulle, lace, thyme, rosemary, flowers and imagery, glorifying the figure of the Cross, which is sometimes made of wood and sometimes of flowers.

The owners of the private houses where the Crosses are located, open the doors of their homes throughout the month, so that hundreds of people can visit them, sing the mayos and have the “convidá”, based on traditional sweets, zurra and wine, thus keeping alive one of the most deeply-rooted festivities in the region and much loved by visitors from all over the world. Historians believe that the lyrics of the mayos may have been taken from literary fragments of an Auto Sacramental from the Middle Ages.


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