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to the La Mancha Wine Route

Discover the wine tourism companies and activities to do in La Mancha


Find below all the companies that are part of the La Mancha Wine Route . Each of them offers wine-related activities to make your trip to La Mancha unforgettable. unforgettable.

You can find wineries, restaurants, accommodation, tourist services, shops, tasting spaces and agro-industrial activities . You can also find what to see and what to do in the largest vineyard in the world.


Discover all the wineries of the La Mancha Wine Route .
Stroll among the vineyards and get to know its architecture, fermentation and ageing cellars and, above all, taste its wines.

Feel at home and wake up to the unique sunrises of La Mancha.

Rest in hotels and rural houses on the La Mancha Wine Route where you can relax. Let yourself be enveloped by our hospitality.


Restaurants and Wine Bars

Savor the gastronomy of La Mancha.

Feed your senses with its traditional dishes and discover all the essence of its elaborations where you will discover the true identity of this land.

Discover La Mancha through its most characteristic products .

Feel all its aromas and flavors of the traditional elaboration of each product that is still maintained generation after generation.

Shops and Tasting

Tourist services

Discover all the activities that these tourist service companies and travel agencies have prepared for you: bike routes, walks through the vineyards, sensory experiences, trips, excursions, guided tours…

Hire any service you need and enjoy the La Mancha Wine Route to the fullest.

Find out about other tourist activities related to traditional gastronomic products from La Mancha.

Enjoy more plans to live to the fullest this adventure that awaits you.

Agroindustrial Tourism

Cultural Resources

Get closer to the history of La Mancha.

Discover its rich cultural heritage and immerse yourself in this, the Land of Quixote de la Mancha.

La Mancha stands on a vast plain that offers a unique landscape.

Dreamy sunsets, discover its most characteristic natural resources. Its lagoons, belonging to the humid La Mancha, are populated by unique species in the world.

Lose yourself in its trails and paths. Vive la Mancha!

Natural resources

Oenological Heritage

La Mancha is equal to wine and wine culture.

The rich oenological heritage present for centuries in La Mancha allows us to recall and transport us to times of yore.


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