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End of April | TOMELLO

In April, the last Sunday is the Romería in honour of the Patron Saint of Tomelloso, the Virgen de las Viñas. The pilgrimage takes place in the sanctuary of Pinilla, four kilometres from the town on the road to Pedro Muñoz. It is traditional to make carriages alluding to local current affairs or referring to some characteristic aspects of the city, green carriages, agricultural trailers decorated with branches and full of people ready to spend a fun day in the countryside. These are two days of fraternity and fellowship in which it is traditional to go to visit the Virgin, accompanied by family and friends, and then enjoy a good meal.

Among the most emotional religious acts of all those celebrated during these days, it is worth mentioning the Procesión de las Antorchas: the faithful accompany the Patron Saint, praying in the darkness of the night as they walk around the Sanctuary. In the afternoon, the parade in which the Virgin is carried into the village is very colourful, especially the “reatas”.

With regard to gastronomic and cultural events, you can enjoy the regional Tractor Ploughing and Tractor Skill Competition, taste typical regional dishes and the Romería Folklore Festival.


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