Wine tourism in El Toboso

Dulcinea leads the way through the streets of this town, where Don Quixote fell in love.

Wine tourism in El Toboso

Dulcinea’s Homeland

The fame of El Toboso is mainly due to Dulcinea, the imaginary and perfect woman that Don Quixote loved and which attracts numerous visitors every year. For this reason, it is not surprising that many places in this municipality revolve around this beloved character.

Its streets are an example of this, with inscriptions from the novel, which like a map lead to the Casa de Dulcinea, in the city centre where there is a museum, to the Museo Cervantino with a collection of the books in different languages autographed, and also to the Museo del Humor Gráfico Dulcinea. All of them are proof of the relevance of Don Quixote in the life of the municipality.

Brief History of El Toboso

Located in the province of Toledo, El Toboso is a village in La Mancha, whose origins are marked by a pre-Roman civilisation from the Celtiberian period. However, it was not until the 13th century that, as a result of the repopulation and Christianisation of the Military Order of Santiago, its urban centre emerged, in order to secure the road from Toledo to Murcia and hence the fortification of the area, which can still be seen in some parts of the municipality. Disunir
And although its fame is mainly due to Dulcinea and Cervantes’ work, El Toboso has much more to offer, with its corners full of charm, typical La Mancha constructions of masonry and rammed earth, and places to visit such as the iglesia parroquial de San Antonio Abad, the convent of Franciscan nuns and the Trinitarian convent.

What to see in El Toboso

Contrary to what one might think, El Toboso offers not only the literary route, which is guided by a walk through different emblematic places related to Don Quixote and his beloved but also a walk through its heritage, its museums, wells and rich culture where the visitor can see the different aspects of this picturesque and peaceful village.

Things to do in El Toboso

Visiting the land of Dulcinea and following the path of the couple, Quixote and Sancho, means following a path full of culture and customs full of uniqueness wrapped in its streets full of charm and typical La Mancha architecture that is so characteristic of El Toboso.


Do wine tourism in El Toboso , discover its wineries and rest in one of its charming accommodations.


How to get to El Toboso

Whether by car, bus or train, it is not difficult to get to El Toboso. To travel by car you would have to take the AP-36 motorway. Public transport is another alternative, you must get to Toledo and take the road to Quintanar de la Orden, which is the closest bus station at 9.8 km. While to take the train you must reach Campo de Criptana at 16.8 km. Then a taxi can finish the rest of the journey in a few minutes.

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