Caves in Campo de Criptana


The cave-houses are typical constructions excavated in the rock, on the slopes of the Sierra de los Molinos, where the local people used to live in the past. They are located in the Albaicín neighbourhood, which is made up of a group of narrow, steeply sloping streets typical of La Mancha.

Some of these caves also had a storehouse for grain that was later milled in the windmills. Generally, pack animals also lived under the same roof.

Nowadays, you can visit the Casa Cueva del Cerro de la Paz or the Cueva del Molino Infanto. There are also other caves belonging to private owners, both in hotels and in homes.

The Casa Cueva del Cerro de la Paz has two floors, its structure is made of rammed earth and its roof is sloped with curved tiles on a wooden structure. The façade consists of whitewashed walling with indigo blue plinth and door jambs.


Useful information:

  • Address: Cerro de la Paz| Campo de Criptana
  • Opening hours:
    Consult Tourist Office for Visits
  • Price: €2 (normal price) €1 (reduced price)
  • Contact: Campo de Criptana Tourist Office

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