Círculo Mercantil e Industrial

Círculo Mercantil e Industrial

It was built in 1911 on a “Pósito” and “Tercia” from previous centuries, dedicated to the storage of cereals and a credit entity of the church.
With the arrival of the 20th century, it became a modern casino, a meeting place for the commercial and financial bourgeoisie . It is still active today.

It is a post- modernist building that preserves a neoclassical-type stone porch from the 18th century, belonging to the old Tercia.

Inside, the thick walls and arches reveal its ancient origin.


Useful information:

  • Place: San Bernardo Street, 12 | Villarrobledo
  • Opening hours: Consult the Tourist Office
  • Price: Free
  • Contact: Villarrobledo Tourist Office

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