Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción


The Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, in late Gothic style with Renaissance elements, is the most emblematic building in Socuéllamos where the patron saint of Socuéllamos, the Cristo de la Vega, is venerated.

Documented since 1480, it seems that there was an earlier settlement at the end of the 13th century, of which tunnels made up of semicircular arches have been found.

It is a large, ashlar stone building with buttresses and a few, small openings. The church has a Latin cross plan, with three longitudinal naves and a transverse nave, the sides of which end in chapels. The late Gothic ribbed vault and the square tower at the foot of the nave have four floors and a bell tower in the Herrerian style.
Special mention goes to the sacristy, where the ruins of the 16th-century ashlars and the coffered ceiling from the same century are still visible.
Its tall tower, together with that of the Torre del Vino Museum, is the symbol of the image of Socuéllamos.


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Useful information:

  • Address: Plaza de la iglesia | Socuéllamos
  • Opening hours:
    Consult the Tourist Office
  • Price: Free
  • Contact: Socuéllamos Tourist Office

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