Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Parish Church

Ntra Sra de la Asunción Parish Church


In the mentioned “Relaciones histórico-geográficas” that Felipe II ordered to be written in 1575, we are told that, where the palace and the church were, there was a fortress and that in the church were buried the lord of the town, Conde de Salinas D. Diego Sarmiento and his son D. Luis; this demonstrates that at that time the temple was already standing.

It has been restored several times over the years. There is no documentation, but the population says that the tower has another part, where the town’s clock was located, which was removed when this part was demolished and moved to its current location. According to some, this section was removed because it was in danger of ruin and, according to others, it was removed because it was in competition in height with the tower of the cathedral of Ciudad Real. It is possible that both of these conditions were present, and that the provincial ecclesiastical authorities of the time did not allow the restoration of the ruined upper body, and proceeded to demolish it without incurring major financial costs, thus avoiding conflicts with the ecclesiastical hierarchy.
In a small chapel, Nuestra Señora de la Cruz is worshipped. The Patron Saint, the Santísima Virgen de la Sierra, where there is a very valuable small altarpiece in baroque style, the only relic that was not destroyed during the civil war, in whose niche there is a painting of the Virgen de la Sierra, painted in 1950 by Antonio Guijarro Gutiérrez, a son of Villarrubia de los Ojos.



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  • Address: Calle Iglesia 26 | Villarrubia de los Ojos

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