Enotourism in La Solana

LA SOLANA, wine land. Lighthouse of La Mancha. Tower of La Mancha.

Wine tourism in La Solana

The impression given to the traveller by the name of the city is true. In its streets it is difficult not to find the sun which, like its saffron, gives colour to the façades of the houses. This name comes from a water well known as “la fuente”, located in a very sunny part of the town oriented to the south, which is why it was once known as “La Fuente de La Solana”, which for lexical reasons was later reduced to the current name of La Solana.

La Solana

A brief History of La Solana

The origin of the town of La Solana is linked to the rise of the Christian military orders that divided up and organised these lands after their conquest at the beginning of the 13th century.

The current location of La Solana was founded around a castle of Muslim origin, which was probably located on the site now occupied by the parish church of Santa Catalina. It was initially under the protection of the Order of Santiago and the encomienda of the neighbouring town of Alhambra.

With the arrival of new inhabitants, especially shepherds from the region of Soria, there was an increase in the population, which led to the emancipation from the encomienda of Alhambra, and the town was granted the title of villa.

Panorámica de La Solana

What to see in La Solana

Things to do in La Solana

Here you will find the most important events in La Solana, such as its Fair and Festivals, the celebration of Holy Week and its zarzuela week. Discover what to do in La Solana.

Ruta del Vino La Mancha - Feria de Tomelloso

Holy Week



How to get to La Solana

  • N-430, Badajoz-Valencia: It connects La Solana, with the towns of Membrilla and Manzanares, as well as connecting with the A-4, Autovía de Andalucia, and the A-43 to go to Ciudad Real.
  • CM-3109- Connects La Solana with Tomelloso, Argamasilla de Alba and Valdepeñas.
  • CM- 3127- Connects La Solana with Villanueva de los Infantes.
  • CR- 644. It connects La Solana with San Carlos del Valle.
  • CR-1513. It connects La Solana with the A-43, in Herrera de la Mancha.

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