Wine tourism in Argamasilla de Alba

El lugar de la Mancha

Wine tourism in Argamasilla de Alba

The place of La Mancha, and the wine

Argamasilla de Alba, or the place in La Mancha which Cervantes did not want to remember. Place of worship for lovers of Don Quixote, Cervantistas, and anyone who enjoys visiting lovely places full of history.

In the Casa de Medrano, specifically in the cave, our tradition tells us that Cervantes was imprisoned between three and five months for love, economic reasons or a combination of both.

In addition, it is a must to visit the Botica de los Académicos, Pósito de la Tercia and the Church of San Juan Bautista, with the ex-voto painting of Don Rodrigo de Pacheco (a transcript of Don Quixote), inside, and the Peñarroya Castle.

Brief History of Argamasilla de Alba

Located in the province of Ciudad Real and known as “El Lugar de la Mancha”, it was founded by the mayor of Peñarroya in its current location between 1515 and 1531.

From north to south, it was always crossed by the Guadiana river and the Canal del Gran Prior, and from east to west by the Cañada Real de Cuenca or Vereda Soriana. It is located in the flattest part of the La Mancha plateau.

It obtained the title of town in the year 1612.

It has the Peñarroya reservoir (the first in the Guadiana) and the Peñarroya fortress. The place to visit par excellence is the Casa de Medrano, and its cave, where Cervantes was imprisoned and, due to this, began to write “Don Quixote”.

What to see in Argamasilla de Alba

Things to do in Argamasilla de Alba

Below you will find the most outstanding events of Argamasilla de Alba. such as its Harvest Festival , its fair and celebrations related to “Don Quixote” . Discover what to do in Argamasilla de Alba.


How to get to Argamasilla de Alba

  • A-43: motorway from Extremadura to the Valencian Community (former N-310).
  • N-310a: Joins Argamasilla de Alba with Tomelloso.
  • CM-3113: Villarta de San Juan to Argamasilla de Alba. Go through Cinco Casas. In Villarta de San Juan it crosses the A-4 motorway and continues towards Arenas de San Juan and Villarrubia de los Ojos as CM-4126.
  • CM-3115: road from Argamasilla de Alba to Ruidera. It joins the town of Ruidera with the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park, as well as with the Peñarroya reservoir and castle.
  • CM-3109: road from Tomelloso to Valdepeñas. It passes through Argamasilla de Alba.

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Discover more plans

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