Restaurante Las Musas

The RestauranteLas Musas is based on the very interesting gastronomy of La Mancha . The tricky balance between tradition and modernity has been achieved, with total respect for the raw material. Still, with often spectacular creations, it takes a new advantage—a rich and bright kitchen. To all this, we must add an impeccable service, from charming and professional people, directed by Carlos Ortega.

Restaurante Las Musas

In the RestauranteLas Musas, La Mancha cuisine and shows are perfectly combined. It is located in Campo de Criptana, in the heart of La Mancha, between the giant Cervantine windmills . It has a beautiful architecture that combines tradition and modernity.

The restaurant has two dining rooms. The upper one, from which you can see the town thanks to its large windows, and the one on the ground floor, more informal, which also has a fireplace and a stage. It has a large and sunny patio with tables for lunch or tapas. and a bar for drinks on summer nights. From this patio you can access the caves, called La Marcela, where you can enjoy music and tapas.

Its summer parties are famous, with concerts and musical groups of all kinds, from Jazz to Flamenco, passing through the Caribbean, Brazil or Africa. The “Fiesta ye-yé” must be highlighted, which gathers an authentic and expectant crowd one day a year, drinking and dancing until dawn.

Enjoy La Mancha gastronomy on the La Mancha Wine Route .


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