La Viña E

In 1917 the great-grandfather of the current owners, named Macario Vaquero, founded a tavern in the same location where he lives today (the Plaza de España). In addition to this business, he owned several vineyards, which he identified with the letters of the alphabet (vineyard A, vineyard B…). This was the reason why he called the tavern La Viña “E”.

La Viña E

La Viña E is located in the Center of Alcázar de San Juan, in the Plaza de España, which means that on its terrace, you can enjoy rock concerts, zarzuelas, regional dances, theatre, puppets, parades, summer concerts, sports performances, processions, children’s games… most important events take place in the square… The Fair of the Flavors of the Land of Quixote in spring, the Moors and Christians festival in June, the Day Fair in September, the Carnival parades in December…

La Viña E aims to convert a natural fact such as eating into a social act, into gastronomic culture without astronomical prices; proposes an informal way to enjoy and apply all the senses to have fun eating and drinking the best wines.

In 1917 the great-grandfather of the current owners founded the tavern in the same location where it is located today. During its more than 100 years of existence, it has seen the significant figures of bullfighting, artists, politicians, athletes of all times pass by to enjoy the wines and food of our land.

The pillars of La Viña E are market cuisine (its obsession is to have the highest quality of raw materials), the Flavors of the Land (uniting tradition and avant-garde in the culinary offer) and quality (not only in the product but also in the Service).

At La Viña E, wine lovers regard it as the “Wine-Bar” of reference, with a selection of wines to taste by the glass from many wine regions, but especially from La Mancha. In addition, they organize tastings, visits to wineries…

Also, at La Viña E you can snack or eat . It is not a restaurant where you have to eat. It is not a franchise, it has its own signs of identity: informal, casual food, but with very careful and high quality dishes. Tapas and portions with very reasonable prices. For those who want something more formal, it has a dining room for 25 people where they make tasting menus, celebrations, business meals… Every day at noon a menu is offered.


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